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22 - 26 March

Ashes to Ashes

Joshua Tree,

21 - 23 April



28 - 30 July

Shape Shifter

Cork, Ireland

13 - 15 October

Can U?

San Diego,

1 - 3 December

Contact: Natasha


7 - 9 December

Contact: Adi

Tel Aviv,

29 December 2017-
1 January 2018

Contact: Ronny

Olympia, WA, USA


Ashes to Ashes

With Amber Ryan
22-26 March
Joshua Tree, CA, USA

A Women's Retreat

We are clear - We do deep work - Nothing less interests us
We are lovers sister teachers friends mentors black brown white 
mother feminists rebels maidens crones straight queer leaders
We are curious fascinated and hungry how the death and resurrection adventure moves within us and threads its moving phenomenon
How does it move in the current of your life? In the current of your month? In the current of your day?
What is dead? What is dying to be re-birthed and be born to you, as if for the first time since your parents birthed you
What is alive? What is alive and in preparation for its death, so you can distill its knowings
Scattering ourselves to the four directions so we can re-combobulate, re-align, re-member our sense of purpose on the long road and draw in our power
Sister Woman
Where do you need support?
To look across the horizon and see your Self mirrored fully in all your totality
Sister woman
Where do you need to harness common sense from the community?
Sister stranger
Sister seer
Sister lover
Sister sister
Welcome to action time, Rising up time, A time where time no longer exists, 
A time where beginning and endings no longer rule the day. Her story keeps circulating 360 degrees. Linear is leaving us and we now have to find Our own internal and external land marks.

Contact: Amber

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With Tim Booth
21 - 23 April
Sacramento, CA, USA

How do you Connect to your world? How do you Connect to yourself, your family, your friends, your lovers: the story that you call your life. Is it going well for you or are there things you’d like to change. When you are with someone are you able to be present and comfortable in the silences, or is it about showing your best face, telling your favourite stories. Is “now” the best moment of your life or do you feel the best is in the past or yet to come. Does your life feel real, rich and juicy, or a numb cold simulation that you have little impact upon. Are you fully present, inspired and able to roll with the tides of change that flow and sometimes crash through your life. Are you operating at 20%, 40%, 80%? Do you wish to drop deeper, to witness some of the patterns that keep us skating on the surface. Are you ready to break the ice and Connect?

In Connect we will use 5Rhythms dance, and other deceptively simple games to get below the surface. Breakthroughs do not always need to be painful, they can come from play and we play deep.

Included in the workshop is a specially created icebreaker party Saturday, 7.30-10.30pm

Contact: Bella
More Information & to enrol: bodyjoy.net

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Shape Shifter

28 - 30 July
Cork, Ireland

"What is a human? The human is a space, an opening where the universe celebrates its existence." Brian Swimme

Shake off old habits and shed the weight you’ve been carrying around in your bones. Transmute poisons to elixirs and get back in touch with your vibrant instinctive essence. Using the catlytic 5Rhythms map we will dance our way out of the fogs of stuckness in search of spirit and shift from hiding into revealing.

In Shape Shifter we will focus on the physical shifting that occurs through the doorways of the 5Rhythms practice creates. Exploring how embodiment harnesses physical prowess, so that we can learn to yield and empower ourselves at a moment’s notice.

We will practice the art of clear seeing, where instinct, intimacy and intuition are alive and so embody the beauty of being human.

Contact: Helen

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Can U?

A Heartbeat Workshop
13 - 15 October
San Diego, CA, USA

Can you  show up in your body-Inhabit your own skin?
Can you show up with your emotions-Illustrate your own heart?
Can you show up with your thoughts- Demonstrate your own mind?
Can you witness yourself and others- Occupy your own soul?
Can you hold the empty space- Welcome in spirit?

In Can U? we will experience what it is to embody ourselves in full range and motion and learn that our emotions Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy and Compassion are vital life essences required for us to be whole hearted human beings, living and breathing with a spontaneous capacity to be present and awake in every moment.

Pre-Requisites for this workshop are three 5Rhythms classes.

Contact: Eugene
More information & to enrol: sheddingskins.eventbee.com

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"Kate holds a group with integrity and strength. She is real, clear and direct. She is dynamic and gentle, wild and controlled, fierce and soft, nurturing and daring, scary and uplifting. She pushes you further than you thought you could go and yet holds onto you if you start to fly out of your boots. Kate is a truly inspirational teacher!"

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