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Kate is a dynamic shapeshifter and shamanic healer who naturally brings transformational medicine to every dance floor. Known as a catalyst with heart. She drops into the belly of listening and draws out the innate healer in each of us. Kate possesses a bold improvisational style and a passionate sense of humour that enables magic to ooze into the everyday moments. She is a Londoner who lives in LA. Kate has been a teacher for 21 years.

She is a senior instructor within The 5Rhythms founded by the late Gabrielle Roth with whom she was closely associated since 1992. She is accredited to teach both Waves and Heartbeat. Kate is a senior teacher within The Path of Pollen shamanic tradition and one of a small handful of individuals authorized to teach seminars and trainings on behalf of the Path of Pollen. Kate sees private clients for shamanic healing and 1 on 1 mentoring.

She is a faculty teacher for The Sacred Trust, UK. Collaborated with The Ojai Foundation, Gay men's groups, The Polish National Ballet,The British Association of Anger Management, Summit at Sea, Summit LA and The Omega Institute. Has worked with ordinary extraordinary humans from most walks of life including: Rites of Passage for teenagers, medical students, nurses, doctors, dentists and drama students.

"Kate Shela is the most wonderful, inspiring, fun, bullshit-detecting, provocative teacher. If you want to shake up your world in a way that is both fun and profound this is your woman. She is so brilliant that I had no choice but to marry her."

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