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The 360 Emergence


4 - 11 May

The Circle Work An Advanced Immersion with Amber Ryan

Crestone, CO

21 - 23 June

The 360 With Amber Ryan

Rhinebeck, NY

9 - 13 October

Ashes to Ashes A Womens Retreat with Amber Ryan

Joshua Tree, CA

What is The 360 Emergence?

We are artists in service to the emergence of each person who shows up in our laboratories. We curate journeys and containers that weave the ever changing human into becoming leader-full and in-sight full. To becoming accountable and fluid.

To see from every perspective. We awaken our 10,000 eyes and we ask you to do the same.
We are heart activists. The body is our divining rod, music our ally, silence our guide.
We seek balance between an inside education that beckons us into an alliance with the outside world.
We are steeped in dance, ceremony, literature, fashion, theater, strength, humor, vulnerability and power.

We are listening.
We trust The 360 vision to liberate us out of the known and off the map.
As we follow, we look forward to meeting you in this new landscape.

These are not 5Rhythms® workshops and will not count towards hours for the 5Rhythms teacher training.

The Circle Work - An Advanced Immersion
By Application Only

With Kate Shela + Amber Ryan
4 - 11 May
Blazing Mountain 2541 Carefree Way, Crestone, CO 81131

Are you ready to stand and deliver - Step Into The Circle

A week that will change all your weaks
A week of shamanic prescriptions
A week of seeing true,speaking true and hearing true
A week to bring your dedicated intent to the circle
A week of shamanic embodiment
A week of empowering your individual voice in the collective
A week of shamanic fashionista creativity
A week where we become a movement
A week that could change all your weeks

Stand and Deliver.

More information: amberryan.com

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The 360 - A Movement Laboratory

With Kate Shela + Amber Ryan
21 - 23 June
The Omega Insitute 150 Lake Drive, Rhineback, NY

We Do Deep Work - Nothing Else Interests Us

The 360 is a game changing physical dance experience.The 360 asks us to step into being leaderfull and fluid. It is the rediscovery of our internal compass. It is a multi layered embodied skill set that embraces both ancient and emergent creative modalities of growth. There will be tears and laughter as there always has to be during potent transformation.

Throughout this lab we will:
• Dance
• Open our awareness of self and our environment
• Practice our ability to see and be seen
• Step out into the unknown to retrieve lost parts of our self
• Develop our human potential

We create impeccable containers for ongoing lasting change through movement, sound, shamanism and ceremony. We walk the worlds between ordinary and non ordinary reality.

More Information: eomega.org

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Ashes to Ashes

A Womens Retreat with with Kate Shela + Amber Ryan
9 - 13 October 2019
Joshua Tree Retreat Center 29 Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252

We Are Clear
We Do Deep Work
Nothing Less Interests Us

Welcome to Radical Discovery Time
to Ritual Time
to Rising Up After the Fall Time

Sister Woman
We Are Lovers, Teachers, Artists, Friends, Black, Brown, White

Sister Human

We Are Revolutionaries, Crones, Straight, Queer, Seeker Leaders

We are Curious
and Hungry
How the Death and Resurrection Adventure Moves Within Us

Sister Woman
Where Do You Need Support?

Sister Human
Where Do You Need to Harness Common Sense from the Community?

Ourstory Keeps Circulating 360 Degrees
Linear is Leaving Us and We Now Have to Find
Our Own Internal and External Landmarks

The Horizon Awaits Us...

Enquiries: the360emergence


Kate and Amber Go Deep, Nothing Else Interests Them.

Kate brings her seership and empowerment through vulnerability. Amber brings her artistry and crystalline delivery of embodiment.

Two-gether, the wild mustang heart and sweetness of spirit create the container to inspire and galvanize all walks of life in the multifaceted experience of being human. Both are steeped in the visible and invisible languages of physical embodiment.

Amber is an embodiment architect and maestra soundsmith with roots in 5Rhythms, dance, theatre, meditation, freeing the natural voice and transformational healing arts. She creates impeccable containers for soul work to take place through the landscape of the body. With crystal- line clarity, she is a powerfully present and an anchored listener, delivering masterful ritual and opening the field for each participant to listen to their own innate wisdom.

Kate is a shamanic healer and teacher and creates a container for life retrieval, she trained with Gabrielle Roth as a 5Rhythms teacher in 1996 and has been teaching radical embodiment for over 20 years. She worked as a wardrobe stylist in the fashion and television industry for two decades and is a trained massage therapist. Kate is a also senior teacher within The Path of Pollen shamanic tradition and one of a small handful of individuals authorized to teach seminars and trainings on behalf of the Path of Pollen.

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